Ashby Art Club

Dr Shepherds Surgery Exhibitions

Ashby Art Club members have a  rotating exhibition at Dr Shepherds Surgery on North Street in Ashby.

Any member of the Art Club may put paintings into the exhibition and only need to add their name to the rota. 

The display is changed every two months and either 1 or 2 members exhibit each time with 8 paintings each (16 paintings in total).There is no charge for this and no commission is taken on any sales.  If you are a member and would like to add your name to the list, please contact Barbara either at the Club or via the website.  The rota presently goes up to the end of 2016 so we are now looking for participants for 2017. It is done on a 'first come first served' basis so if anyone would like to exhibit in 2017,  please use the Contact Us section.  


This is a very good way of promoting the club and it gives a lot of pleasure to the patients in the waiting room. Why not add your name to the list. 





Thurs. 1st Sept. to Tues. 1st Nov. 2016              -   Fred Fisk & Phil Hatter

Tues. 1st Nov. to Wed. 4th Jan. 2017                 -   Roy Swann & Paul Harrison

Wed. 4th Jan. to Wed. 1st March 2017              -    Pauline Allen (16 paintings)

Wed. 1st Mar. to Tues. 2nd May 2017                -    Kay Robinson and Denise Davidson

Tues. 2nd May to Mon. 3rd July 2017                -

Mon 3rd July to Fri. 1st Sept. 2017                    -

Fri. 1st Sept. to Wed. 1st Nov. 2017                  -

Wed. 1st Nov. to Tues. 2nd Jan.2018                -